Dayton Audio from Wall of Sound

If you’re looking for high quality audio speakers and home cinema sound systems in the UK but are struggling to find something that fits your budget, you need look no further with Dayton Audio. Wall of Sound are distributors of a vast collection of Dayton Audio’s entertainment-centred audio equipment. Their build components are the best kept secrets of some serious hi-fi manufactures and installers.

Engineered and manufactured in the US, Dayton Audio’s mission is to provide the best sound money can buy at a price that works for its customers. Their speaker systems are innovative, based on more than 20 years of inspired engineering. The designers at Dayton Audio have carefully struck the balance between the latest technology and competitive pricing, meaning that our customers will receive only the best product for their budget.

Dayton Audio Logo

Whether you’re looking for a speaker, tweeter or solid driver all of Dayton Audio’s speakers have the reliability, the fine sound quality, even down to the tiniest detail, and the functionality of a top priced brand at a low price without having to compromise on the results. We stock a large range of Dayton products in the UK, however due to the size of Dayton’s portfolio it will be impossible to stock all of it.

You can buy a wide range of Dayton products online through our shop. Please note we only deliver to mainland UK.  Shipping is free on orders over £150.00.