There are many TVs out there and sometimes you can just feel confused because there is too much choice. Do you buy one with 8K and all the bells and whistles, or do you get one of those frame ones that can blend into the background when not in use? We can help you make the right choice for all your needs 

When buying a new TV, you’ve got to consider how much space you have in your room and what the main purpose of it is. If you are thinking about watching a lot of movies on it, you may want to consider a home cinema set up!  

We can help explain the difference between HD, 4K and 8K. Another thing we can help with is making sure you get the perfect sound set up for you. This could be with a sound bar, wireless speakers and more.  

We are also Samsung Blue Ribbon Partners thanks to our unrivalled customer service and dedication to providing our customers with the best that Samsung has to offer. 

Building on our vast range of hand selected products we also offer a wide range of in-house bespoke TV services including: 

  • Wall Mounting 
  • Mirror TVs 
  • Bathroom TVs 
  • HD/4K Distribution 
  • Cable Management 
  • TV Lifts 
  • Extra Large TVs – 75″ + 
  • Media Rooms 
  • Sky Q/Sky HD 
  • Picture Frame TVs 
  • Control4 Smart Home Solutions 

Want to make the perfect choice and see all your TV options in person? Come and visit us in one of our showrooms. We are located in Holme on Spalding Moor, York and Langlands.