A smart home can be the best kind of home if you plan for it properly. There are a few things you must consider before moving forward, but what are these exactly? Read on to find out.

The number one thing to remember when considering whether to move forward with a smart home is to check how fast/reliable your WIFI connection is. Hope is not lost if your WIFI is slow though! We work with a company called Quickline. They are great at providing super fast internet anywhere. Having a fast internet connection is crucial with a smart home because everything from streaming Netflix on a stunning 4K TV, to enjoying your favourite album using Spotify through a Sonos sound system needs WIFI.

Home automation systems may seem to be the technology of the future, but they don’t need to be a dream. The smart home is available at an affordable price with the freedom to be designed as big or as small as you need. Our expert team at Wall of Sound can facilitate your needs in the best way for you.

At Wall of Sound, we offer our customers a variety of options for home automation solutions. These include audio and video control, intelligent lighting, heating and air conditioning control. We can even include full integration of security systems from reliable and excellently reputed home automation brands such as Control4 and AMX. We have a Control4 home automation showroom right on site which means you can explore all things smart home.

Fancy finding out more about smart homes? Get in touch with the Wall of Sound team! We can make all your smart home dreams a reality. Visit us in our York or Holme on Spalding Moor showroom to get the wheels turning.