KEF R Series – Coming Soon

-KEF R Series – Coming Soon
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The New KEF R Series – Redesigned with audio at the heart

To make the sound as crisp and pure as possible, the KEF R Series has been re-engineered with the aim to create a fresh, exhilarating audio experience.

The use of cutting edge techniques for computer modelling helps create the audio experience. Finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics among other’s have helped upgrade every element of the KEF R Series.

With these upgrades audio colouration is removed, the accuracy reaches new levels and clarity improved. Revitalise your passion for recorded music with the new R Series from KEF, coming soon to Wall of Sound.

The R Series as you’ve never seen it before

The R Series comes in a range of six different speakers, each delivering the best quality in it’s category. Each is designed to fit in the room or space they’re require to. There are a choice of three floor standing speakers, a mounted speaker and home theatre speakers perfect for movie soundtracks.

They come in the following colours: black / white / walnut.