To all our customers, we wanted to get in touch and update you during these uncertain times on the steps we have taken in relation to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic along with recent government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation updates. As of Monday 23 March 2020, our shops will be closed until further notice. However, we are still in the office taking calls to answer any queries and support any technical advice
Philips Hue is one of the most well-known smart home devices you can use. To break it down really simply, Hue lights are lights that you turn on and off using your smart phone, voice activated device or even a Control4 set up. Let’s walk you through some of the features that we love about the Philips Hue.   Ability to change lighting colour: This is one of the biggest features of Hue lights. You
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Looking for a small smart speaker that can pack a big punch without compromising too much on sound with the added benefit of a built-in voice assistant? We think the Sonos One with Alexa is the right speaker for you.   Getting into the world of Sonos could not be simpler than the Sonos One with Alexa. It’s usually the one that gets people hooked. It’s one of their cheaper offerings. One of the things we really love
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Many homeowners dream of having a home cinema and kitting out their living room with the top technology. Converting a space into an immersive, sensory cinema experience is what home entertainment is all about!  We are experts in providing you with the best in home cinema products and technologies. Let’s walk through the step by step of what you should think about when planning a home cinema room.   There’s more to it than just buying the
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There are many TVs out there and sometimes you can just feel confused because there is too much choice. Do you buy one with 8K and all the bells and whistles, or do you get one of those frame ones that can blend into the background when not in use? We can help you make the right choice for all your needs.   When buying a new TV, you’ve got to consider how much space you have in your room and what the main purpose of it is.
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It’s a question that we get asked a lot: why should we go with you guys over one of the big dogs? We’ve come up with a few answers. We started Wall of Sound with a deep passion for what we do and that still runs throughout our business today! When you choose to shop with us, rest assured everyone is fully committed and has a genuine love for what they do. After the recession
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You may have heard us talking about Control4 on Facebook, or even in person, but were left thinking ‘What actually is Control4?’. We are here to help you understand what it really is and what it can do for your home. In simple terms, Control4 allows you to control everything in your home straight from your smartphone or dedicated device. This includes things like entertainment, lighting, music and security. You can control your TV or
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Picture this: you get home and it’s dark. Your hands are full. What are you meant to do, drop your bags to turn the lights on? I don’t think so. Imagine just being able to say “Alexa, turn the lights on”. Once you’ve experienced the ease of intelligent lighting, you will never want to touch a light switch again. There are different systems that can allow you to enjoy the full benefits of intelligent lighting.