Airmotiv T2 Floor Standing LoudSpeaker (Pair)

Airmotiv T2 Floor Standing LoudSpeaker (Pair)


The Airmotive T2 Floor standing loudspeaker is a three-way tower that delivers a breathtaking listening experience with both surround sound music and movies as well as stereo. This extraordinary speaker does this by combining its pristine accuracy, precision, data retrieval and smoothness.


Airmotiv Passive Loudspeakers

Your audio system is only as good as the speakers in the system, they’re the part which transforms a simple electrical signal into a breath taking experience through music or movies. These sensational speakers can transform an average audio system into a great one. They were designed with years of experience in both professional and home loudspeakers. they were designed and built so that they can fit in to both a home audiophile system or a high end home theatre. The speakers were also designed to bring great quality sound for a small price and that is exactly what they do!

Airmotiv Performance
The Airmotiv loudspeaker family all combine years of loudspeaker experience throughout their design and testing, their amazing build quality and materials used. This great combination allows for the whole family to deliver flat frequency response, low distortion, virtually zero signal compression, smooth off axis response, amazing transparency and imagery. Amazing Woven fiber midrange drivers allow for smooth frequency response, life like midrange with very low correlation.  the high temperature voice coils in the woofers and dented pole pieces which both ensure a crisp bass at any listening level. everything about the Airmotiv range even down to the faceted front panel design, which is designed to minimise diffraction effects and room interaction , is designed to help produce an amazing listening experience for everyone.

Airmotiv Sound Quality
Obviously the goal of any speaker or sound system is to produce the best listening experience possible and after extensive testing the Airmotiv family have produced an extraordinary range of speakers for a moderate price tag. the speakers can be used with any type of music from jazz to heavy metal. Mixed with any high quality power amplifier you can get a perfectly balanced sound with perfect clarity and perfect rendition of each and every fine detail. all of the Airmotiv Passive Loudspeaker family have been carefully matched to work together to deliver a cohesive audio image in any stereo or surround sound installation.

Airmotiv Features
Phenomenal sound quality and great specs are great but they do not make a great speaker by them selves, this is why a long list of convenient and practical features have been added to the Airmotiv loudspeakers. the front bezel is coated with multiple layers of satin finish black lacquer, which not only looks great it helps to prevent fingerprints and scratches. the sides are covered with strong good looking vinyl. all airmotiv speakers have got removable magnetically attached grills for anyone who likes to keep their speakers on show. bi-amp/bi-wire terminals are also included on several models such as the Airmotiv T2’s which allow for even higher performance.