Dayton Audio’s BMT25-4 (Balanced Mode Transducer) full-range speaker combines pistonic air modulation of a standard speaker with the compactness of an exciter, making it great for use in sound bars.

Product Highlights

• It’s uniquely square-shaped for tight driver-to-driver placement
• Extended frequency response up to 15,000 Hz due to low inductance a motor
• Placement flexibility allows for wide off-axis dispersion
• It’s perfect for modern audio applications such as line arrays and speaker bars
The BMT25-4 2″ full-range transducer, from Dayton Audio, produces an exceptional amount of quality sound while still maintaining a small form factor. Designed to move air like a traditional speaker, this driver’s unique shape lends itself to modern audio applications, such as a speaker bars, docking stations, and satellite speakers, where sound is to be heard without the source being seen.
Great off-axis directivity enables flexible placement options, while the wide frequency response (that extends from 150 Hz up to 15,000 Hz) delivers cost savings to engineers… no crossover components or frequency-specific drivers are required. The Dayton Audio BMT25-4 is a natural selection for designing and building thin column line array speakers.