Dayton Audio CE38M-8 1-1/2″ Mini Speaker 8 Ohm

Dayton Audio CE38M-8 1-1/2″ Mini Speaker 8 Ohm


Dayton Audio’s CE38M-8 is a lightweight and versatile mylar-diaphragm mini speaker with a rugged plastic frame and neodymium magnet. It’s a great choice for new design or replacement use in headphones, kiosks, electronic games, or portable electronics.

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The Commercial Engineering (CE) series of speaker drivers from Dayton Audio provides integrators, engineers and designers with a line of economical small drivers that fit the extensive range of applications found in audio-enabled electronic projects and consumer electronics.

The Dayton Audio CE38M-8 1-1/2” mini speaker features a smooth-sounding and feather-light Mylar diaphragm and a lightweight injection-molded plastic frame This makes it great for portable electronics and headphones. The high sensitivity also enables it to be used as a speaker in displays, electronic games kiosks or even intercoms. The 8-ohm impedance works with most small audio amplifiers or line-level outputs. The round frame can be press-fit or glued in place.

Note: The Mylar diaphragm is very fragile. To prevent damage, avoid contact with the diaphragm when handling. This driver should be installed behind a grille.

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Dimensions1.27 cm