Dayton Audio CE38MB-32 1-1/2″ Mini Speaker Black 32 Ohm

Dayton Audio CE38MB-32 1-1/2″ Mini Speaker Black 32 Ohm


The CE38MB-32 from Dayton Audio is a versatile mini speaker with a black Mylar diaphragm and a 32 ohm impedance, which makes it a great replacement driver for headphones. Features a lightweight and powerful neodymium magnet, and a steel frame

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The Commercial Engineering (CE) series of speaker drivers from Dayton Audio provides integrators, engineers and designers with a line of economical small drivers that fit the huge range of applications found in audio-enabled electronic projects and consumer electronics.

Featuring a feather-light and smooth-sounding Mylar diaphragm and high 32 ohm impedance, the CE38MB-32 driver is the perfect replacement driver for headphones. The 32 ohm impedance makes it an easy load for the integrated headphone amplifier in most portable music devices and phones. The 38mm frame replaces most 40mm nominal size headphone drivers. It’s also a great fit for other low-power mini speaker applications, such as electronic speakerphones, intercoms and toys.

Note: The Mylar diaphragm is very fragile. To prevent damage, avoid contact with the diaphragm when handling. This driver should be installed behind a grille.

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Dimensions1.27 cm