Take a project or product to the next level by turning it into a speaker. The DAEX-13CT-4 sound exciter, by Dayton Audio, is designed to turn small surfaces into a hidden sound source.

Product Highlights

• 4 ohms impedance for use with small, Class D amplifiers

• Pre-applied 3M™ VHB™ adhesive for a quick, secure installation

• Super small size; just over an inch in diameter, about 3/8″ high

• Rare-earth neodymium motor

Product Description

Dayton Audio’s 13 mm DAEX-13CT-4 coin type exciter features the exact same ability to make nearly any surface into a speaker, like other exciters and tactile transducers, only in a more compact package that works with smaller surfaces. This exciter’s small size allows audio reproduction in places never imagined before like in monitors, toys, cabinet doors…even windows.
A neodymium magnet is employed to create maximum magnetic flux around the proprietary voice coil for increased sensitivity when compared to similar sized exciters. Because of this, it lowers power requirements and makes it possible to use very small audio amplifiers that don’t sacrifice total output. Its 4-ohm nominal impedance facilitates the use of series and series-parallel wired arrays for a highly focused, minimum dispersion sound pattern.
To ensure maximum acoustic energy transfer between the transducer and the surface to which it is attached, 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive is pre-applied, just peel and stick. Two PCB solder points keep installation and wiring as compact as possible.

Note: An exciter’s frequency response and sensitivity are completely dependent on the exciter’s designated surface. Thinner, smaller materials will tend to be louder and create a mid/tweeter response. Thicker, larger materials (with multiple exciters) will be slightly quieter but result in a more full-range sound.

Adhesive Dimensions: 15.7 mm (outside diameter)