The DAEX30HESF-4 30 mm steered high flux exciter is one of the most powerful in Dayton Audio’s line of exciters. It is capable of handling up to 40 watts. Four screw-down mounting tabs combines with a pre-attached 3M VHB adhesive ring for maximum energy transfer.

Product Highlights

• Four mounting holes with a 3M™ VHB™ adhesive ring

• High output exciter design handles up to 40 watts RMS

• Low inductance (only 0.3 mH) motor to extend response

• Specially designed neodymium motor and proprietary voice coil

Product Description

Dayton Audio’s DAEX30HESF-4 steered high flux exciter is one of our most powerful. Even the most rigid of surfaces can be handled due to the specially designed neodymium mother system. It imparts strong forces for maximum output.
This steered high flux exciter, for use with medium sized amplifiers, incorporates a 4 ohm voice coil to extract maximum power. A wide frequency response is permitted due to this exciter’s low inductance of only 0.3 mH.

A 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive combined with four threaded screw holes are integrated into the exciter’s shell, permitting this exciter to be securely coupled to a wide range of materials. This includes upside-down mounting and attaching to moving objects. Two solder tabs offer permanent and quick wire attachment.

Note: An exciter’s frequency response and sensitivity are completely dependent on the exciter’s designated surface. Smaller, thinner materials will tend to be louder and create a mid/tweeter response. Larger, thicker materials (with multiple exciters) will be slightly quieter but result in a more full-range sound.