The Triton Five is a larger version of the Award Winning Triton Seven. It comes with an even greater dynamic range and deeper bass extension, plus important refinements carried over from the Triton One development program. The Five incorporates four side-mounted, opposing planar sub-bass radiators, located on either side of the cabinet near the floor for optimum coupling to the room. Just like all GoldenEar Triton Towers, the Triton Five’s high-resolution sonic performance makes it ideal for use in two channel systems, as well as complete multichannel surround music and home theatre systems.


  • Efficiency: 90 dB
  • Driver Complement: four 8″ planar infrasonic radiators; two 6″ high-definition cast-basket mid/bass drivers; single HFVR High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter
  • Dimensions: Speaker: 168mm W (front) x 206mm W (rear) x 314mm D x 1124 mm H (with base). Base: 279mm W x 419mm D
  • Frequency Response: 26 Hz – 35 kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
  • Rec Amp: 20 – 400 watt/channel