Many homeowners dream of having a home cinema and kitting out their living room with the top technology. Converting a space into an immersive, sensory cinema experience is what home entertainment is all about! 

We are experts in providing you with the best in home cinema products and technologies. Let’s walk through the step by step of what you should think about when planning a home cinema room.  

There’s more to it than just buying the best equipment, so it’s crucial you take the right steps to ensure you make the most of your space available. 


It’s important to get a feel for all the products on the market and find a system that is going to be right for your space and your entertainment preferences. Make sure you speak to a home cinema expert and get showroom demonstrations of the different options. 

Some products on the market may be more suitable for your home than others. Taking a simple plan or photos of the room you wish to turn in to a home cinema will help the expert suggest the best options. 

We’ve got lots we can show you to help select the best products for you and your home cinema. Our dedicated team will walk you through and show you how we can put together the best audio-visual experience for you and your family. This will include speakers, TVs, lighting, projectors and more.  


There’s a lot to think about, including planning wires and making sure power is easily available for all the equipment you want. Ensure the fitters are going to visit your home first and draw up full plans and design the space. 

During the design process we will visit your home and design your cinema space with everything that we have discussed previously in mind. Our experts will make sure you’re happy every step of the way.  


This is where the magic happensWe turn the design into a reality. Our knowledgeable engineers work to the highest standards to ensure you’re happy every step of the way.  


Once the install is done, it is all yours to love and enjoy. What are you going to watch first? 

Want to make your home cinema dreams a reality? Come and visit us in one of our showrooms. We are in Holme on Spalding Moor, York and Langlands.