These are discussions that are still going on even though we are well in to the tournament. And so we wanted to give you a definitive answer.

Currently it is only the BBC that is offering the chance to watch the football in 4K though the iPlayer portal. So if you have an LG or Samsung smart TV or 4th generation Apple TV that can support the iPlayer app you are ready to go. But before you jump around in ultra high resolution glee there are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of.

This is a limited first come basis for up to 10,000 connections available and it is subject to your internet bandwidth  and download speed available. To stream 4K you need a broadband download connection of 40 mbps or higher to successfully stream without interruption.

There is a considerable lag between the live action in realtime of up to 90 seconds we have found in comparison to standard terrestrial TV. So you might want to turn goal notifications on you phone off. Or keep the windows closed as to not get advance notification of a goal if your neighbours are close by.

So far the BBC UHD iPlayer feed has had mixed reviews including technical issues with audio to visual syncing and the football ‘ghosting’ effect when travelling at speed. This is due to the refresh rate of the picture from the World Cup broadcast providers. Some users have also encountered stuttering of the picture to their broadband speed. Rather than a loss in the 4K quality, resulting in going back to the standard HD option.

While 4K streaming has been about for a year or so, it is still early days. You really need a consistent broadband speed and fibre broadband will only really give you a more consistent service. Although some people have been able to stream 4K football with an internet speed of 34 mbps it really is a lottery based on the internet speed and bandwidth available.