You’ve decided you would like a home cinema to take your entertainment to the next level. Now you need to decide which is the best option for you; a large screen TV or a projector. Both have their pros and cons. We are here to help you make the right decision!

There are quite a few pros for choosing a large TV. They turn on instantly so you don’t have to wait for the screen to warm up. TVs are also very bright so you don’t need to get the room very dark for them to work well. A TV is easier to install as you don’t need a projector at one end of the room and a screen at the other. Most large TVs are also not as expensive as they used to be so you could create a home cinema for a fraction of the price. As well as a home cinema, a TV allows it to be a living room easily.

Cons of having a large TV is that they do not provide the same wow factor as having a projector because they are sometimes not as immersive or as much of an event. This leads us to the pros of having a screen projector. The biggest pro is that they really are very much a spectacle and adds a great theatrical flair to movies that used to only be seen if you went to the cinema. Another reason to go with a screen projector is that they are usually bigger than any TV you would choose.

There are also quite a few cons to choosing a screen projector. They can be expensive to install if not done correctly. To be able to get the fully immersive experience you must get the room as dark as possible for maximum contrast. Because of this, generally, you will need a dedicated room which isn’t always a viable option in some homes. They can also be more difficult to operate without a universal remote solution. You can get in touch with us about universal remotes and home automation here!

Still unsure about which direction to go in with your home cinema? Get in touch with Wall of Sound and we can get the wheels turning on your dream home cinema!