It’s a question that we get asked a lot: why should we go with you guys over one of the big dogs? We’ve come up with a few answers.

We started Wall of Sound with a deep passion for what we do and that still runs throughout our business today! When you choose to shop with us, rest assured everyone is fully committed and has a genuine love for what they do.

After the recession of the late 2000’s, with increasing unemployment rates across the UK, particularly in Yorkshire, we believe it is very important to keep the local Yorkshire area thriving by hiring and supporting local people.

Everyone has a say at Wall of Sound. Because every member of the team has contact with the boss, everyone feels listened to and heard. This leads to every member wanting what is best for the company and our customers.

We love working with other local, independent companies. There’s an understanding that you just don’t get when you go with one of the big leagues. We’ve got to raise each other up.

Shop local, shop Yorkshire!