Control4 – Home Automation at your fingertips

Control4 provides a simple solution to all your home automation needs, whether you’re looking for a basic one room remote system or a complete whole house system to integrate all your home entertainment, lighting, security and more.

Not only does a Control4 system provide an exceedingly simple to use interface, its control panels are user friendly and fully functional colour screen touch panels.

The Wall of Sound Control4 Home Automation is located in our Holme on Spalding Moor store, near York.

Control4 York

Connect your world with Control4 Home Automation

Have you considered how much easier life would be if all your favourite settings were chosen for your TV, lighting and audio. What’s more, did you ever think those settings could be available within seconds by the single touch of a button? Control4 does it all.

Connect your security systems, heating and home entertainment. including having present “Good Morning” and “Goodnight” modes to begin and end your day which can be personalised to you for the ultimate in smart home technology.

Even the smallest action can be performed by Control4 such as the coffee machine preparing your morning coffee or your blinds shutting as you head to bed – no automated task around your home is too big or too small.

Due to Control4 being an all-encompassing home automation system, the purchase you make with us at Wall of Sound can be the basis for a full smart home as the range of products and equipment able to be integrated with the system are easily expandable.

If you’re interested in venturing into home automation, whether that’s automating your music library with the quick click of button, expanding your current system or even kitting out a full cinema room or whole home, pop in to Wall of Sound Holme-on-Spalding-Moor today to experience Control4 in place in our demonstration room – you won’t be disappointed.

We are officially a Control4 Authorised Platinum Dealer 2020