Ian Child

Founder, Engineer & Sales Director

Co-founder of Wall of Sound, Ian has kept us at the forefront of audio visual technology for over 35 years and built our reputation as one of the UK’s premier AV retailers and installers.  He and Joanne have always done what’s best for the customer and trust that the rest will fall into place. And that’s the same managing principle that still applies today. Ian’s passion for music traces back to building homemade speakers and running pop-up discos in the early 80’s. Ian can dissect nearly any song and identify the instruments, the mic used, where a recording took place, how many tracks have been overlayed, how many vocalists, and more. It’s an amazing party trick! He always interested in understanding how things work. And, he’s big Formula 1 fan.

Joanne Beevers

Founder, Financial Director

Joanne co-founded Wall of Sound with Ian in 1985. She is the operational wiz of the company, overseeing the management of inventory, billing and all things financial. In her off hours, Joanne can be found at any number of race tracks over the country cheering on her sons at motor racing events.

Lee-Anne Greenaway

Business Support Manager

Lee-Anne is one of the newest members of the Wall of Sound family. Her light-hearted personality, her can-do spirit, and her ability to get down to business is a perfect fit. Working alongside Joanne, Lee-Anne operates on the financial side of Wall of Sound, coordinating invoicing, collections, ordering and inventory.

Ben Robinson

Project Manager

Ben has over 10 years of experience within the AV and lighting industry, along with having a degree in IT Technology for Business. He designs systems and deals with everything from programming Control4 and Lutron to selecting stock. If we don’t know the answer, we rely on his research wizardry to find the answer. Ben is a keen foodie and brewer.

Matt King

Senior Sales Support

Matt looks after our Bishopthorpe store, making sure everything is running smoothly. Matt will listen and advise the perfect AV solution for your home. If you want to talk Dayton Audio this is your man. In his spare time, he is a skilled photographer and drone master. He also battles a borderline video game addiction.

Ed Chambers

Sales Support

Ed is our organiser, he looks after our Holme on Spalding Moor store with Mati to ensure smooth operations. From arranging engineers' visits, to being one of our top sales guys, Ed is there to welcome you in-store and to provide excellent product knowledge and service to our customers. With a degree in graphic design, Ed is responsible for a lot of our graphics on our website, social media and in store. Ed is a huge car enthusiast in his spare time.

Mati McFetridge

Sales Support

Mati is the one in-the-know about our in-store products. He’s passionate about audio and doesn’t need asking twice to demo a pair of speakers. If Mati helps you, you’ll likely be walking out of the store with some serious AV fun! Mati is the prankster of the team and keeps us all entertained. After hours, like Ed, he’s a car aficionado and our resident YouTube influencer as well as a music producer.

James Towle

Service Manager

James joined our company as our Saturday boy in 1994 when we were at Haxby. He is now our designated network engineer and senior programmer. He’s the one that keeps our clients’ systems up and running. He can build a main frame computer from old radios and is fluent in more than 793 computer languages. As service manager he is also in charge of our repairs and equipment servicing. James is car bod and probably holds the record for most cars owned.

Jon Ellerington

Senior Field Engineer/Technician

Jon is an experienced engineer with a vast knowledge of AV equipment. He also holds a qualification in Telecommunication. He is the perfectionist of the team and loves nothing more than a neat and tidy rack. In his spare time, he is known for his DIY skills.

Giles England

Installation Engineer/Field Engineer/Technician

As an experienced AV engineer, Giles joined us in 2015. He has a vast knowledge of installing Lutron, Rako and Control 4. Whilst being another music lover, he is also known to tinker with his aquarium at the weekend.

Mark Elmer

Installation Engineer/Field Engineer

Mark has been in the game since 1982 and is our go-to aerial, Sky and TV wall mounting specialist. An expert in running cables, diagnosing and fixing aerial and Sky faults. He is one of our most experienced engineers. Mark enjoys winding down by listening to music and watching movies.

Max Jones


Max is the newest member of our team. He supports us behind the scenes with keeping the warehouse tidy, ensuring stock is in the right place and helping out the engineers in the field. Max is a fan of music and cinema and has a keen interest in motorcycles.

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