Set the scene with Intelligent Lighting

Having the right lighting for every mood can turn any house into a home. Intelligent lighting is a great solution to give you the flexibility in being able to find the perfect setting. It offers you complete control and flexibility including automatic shut-off at a specific time, plus the ability to swap moods at the touch of a button. Turn on the garden lights from your bedside switch, or turn off the entire house from the hall as you leave.

We offer leading brands in automated and intelligent lighting systems including Rako, Control4, Hue and Lutron.

Wall of Sound. The right choice

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Set the Scene

Wall lamps, spotlights, landscape lighting, table lamps and more can all be remotely controlled

At the Touch of a Button

With the simplicity of a light switch, but with more functionality than conventional dimmers.

Control Everything

Lighting, Blind and Curtain solutions enhance an automated home and integrate with home audio, video and security systems.

Lighting Automation for Security

Have full control of your home, whether you’re sitting in the living room or away on holiday! Not only does it allow you to make your home a comfortable setting at the touch of a button, but it also provides a sense of security as you can automate settings to play back recorded lighting programs while you’re away giving the impression that someone is at home.

 Automated Blinds

Once a luxury for the rich and famous, automated blinds have become a much more popular feature in residential homes. They can be operated with a remote, a wall switch or connected to an overall smart home automation system like Control4. No more messy cords that snap and get stuck. Enjoy the smooth operation and convenience. We’ll provide you with a variety for selecting color and material and our team will measure, deliver and install. Sleep in a dark bedroom and with the push of a button, wake up to the sun, without getting out of bed!

We offer leading brands in automated blinds including Lutron, Q-motion and Silent Gliss.

Together we can look at a system that best suits your needs, budget and requirements.

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