At Wall of Sound, we bring your listening dreams to life. Whether you want to create a sound sanctuary with top-of-the-range speakers, or have a full multi-room audio system so your music follows you throughout the house, we'll help you design the perfect package. We supply and install audio systems tailored to your home and budget.

With showrooms offering optimal product demonstration, you can make sure you’re getting the right audio technology for your home. We spec premium products from leading manufacturers such as Sonos, Control4, Dali and KEF to get you the perfect audio experience.

From a single Sonos speaker to a £500,000 home audio system, we've got you covered. Come see us for your in-person consultation.  Experience it for yourself. We’ll help you make the right choice. 

Our Unique Offering:

We talk with you about the design and layout of your home, so you end up with the perfect audio system, professionally installed, with no unsightly cables.

Wall of Sound. The right choice

Take time to explore our services, or simply pick up the phone and call us. And if you're ready to see it for yourself, visit our showroom. Our skilled team is ready to help.


See and try the best products on the market at our showrooms near York or Holme-Upon-Spalding-Moor.


We can visit your home and design your cinema room with precision and optimisation in mind, for an exceptional audio-visual experience. 


Our knowledgeable engineers work to the very highest standards, featuring what wants to be featured while hiding what wants to be hidden.


Your finished home cinema will be a feast for the senses. Stunning design will immerse you in your very own audio-visual heaven.

Do you want your speakers to be heard and not seen? 

Whether you want your media experience to be a high quality, artistic presentation, or a sophisticated sound that is well hidden, we’ve got you covered. We’re able to install discreet speakers from brands such as Monitor Audio, Control4 and KEF. Or Cornered Audio has designed speakers that lay flush to the corners, walls or ceiling.


The sound of the room has a huge impact on the audio experience. We apply sound science, considering resonance, reflection and wave propegation, to optimize your acoustic environment.

Top Brands 

Premium equipment and technology from trusted brands.

Great Value

Top quality products and experienced engineers with our price promise guarantee


No unsightly wires or stands to let the sound and design speak for itself.

Complete Control

You control the music. Control systems to suit you anywhere in the house.

Seamless Sound

Listen to music in every room, seamlessly and uninterrupted.

High Performance Audio

Enjoy high performance audio with incredible science and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a brand fan or just want the best sound, whether you want to listen to MP3 or vinyl, whether you’re focus is on sound, appearance, or both, we'll help you find your perfect system.

For ultimate audio quality, we offer a wide range of products from KEF, SVS, Primare, Dali, Arcam, Emotiva and many more in our ONLINE SHOP.  Products range from 5-foot tall, state-of-the-art Kef Speakers to in-ear headphones, we have what you need. You can either purchase the product on your own, let us help you decide, or hire us to do a full install. We’ll be sure you make the right choice.


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