Your safety is our priority. You can trust us to install a system of high-quality cameras, motion detectors and remote monitoring that you can rely on.

HD/UHD CCTV systems

Discreet cameras are placed unobtrusively, with stunning picture detail. These cameras serve as a deterrent, while providing convenience and peace of mind. 

Bring your Security into Focus

Live imagery from the cameras can be viewed remotely worldwide via an app on your phone, tablet or computer. One of our unique offerings is that we can integrate your CCTV into your home entertainment system. For example, you’re in your cinema room watching a movie and a visitor pops up on your TV to let you know your neighbor has arrived. A playback facility will allow you to check back on your camera feeds too.

Smart Home integration

Outdoor security cameras and motion detectors can also combine with your home automation technology to give even more thorough coverage. Creating a pop up that will appear on your touch panels and TV as soon as an intruder is detected via video analytics, means that you can be on top of the security before anyone even reaches the front door. In addition to this, we can also install a system with breaker beams.


Have access to the latest artificial intelligence technology to distinguish intruders. Powerful algorithms can detect the difference between people, animals and cars, triggering email alerts or even integrating with Smart Home systems.

See in the dark

Low light infrared in your security system turns night into day so you don’t just know something is out there, you’ll actually be able to capture the intruder on camera.

Sound the alarm

Using detection with speakers inside and outside the house, intruders could receive a verbal warning, or even a “four-legged warning”, frightening them into believing you have guard dogs!

Let us help you design the right security system for you.  Because a safe and secure home gives you peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are well protected.

Wall of Sound. The right choice

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